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We strive to make the PCDJ blog a one-stop resource for Digital DJs and customers of our DJ software and karaoke software products.    I think we do a pretty decent job, but as any a seasoned mobile DJ will tell you there is no better way to learn and grow your DJ business than networking with other professional DJs.

With well over 1 billion users and a gaggle of DJs from all over the globe Facebook has essentially replaced the DJ message forums of old.

Facebook groups for DJs are abundant and cover a myriad of DJ related discussion topics — from DJ software, to DJ equipment, to wedding business networking, to music topics and playlist sharing.  If it’s part of a DJs life, there’s a group for it.

If you haven’t already, jump into a DJ group or 4.  Interact with other DJs, read the comments and pose your own questions.  Take the good, identify the bad.  The impact on your DJ business can be huge if you can extract the information that suites your vision.  Keep an eye out for sketchy DJ groups too.  I find quite a few are created by self serving DJs with the goal to promote their own agenda — but something can surely be learned there, too.

Here’s a list of a few popular DJ groups on Facebook.  If you have any you’d like to share with the PCDJ community please leave them in the comments section down below!

Facebook Groups For DJs

DJ Groups On Facebook
Facebook DJ Group NameCurrent Member Count (6/3/15)Page DescriptionLink To View DJ Group
Mobile DJ Network8,079A place to hang out and chat with colleagues and get offers from retailers and suppliers. All in all, a complete forum in a small box! Visit Group
DJ Support4,117This group is used to help other DJs in a positive manner. No big Egos please! Whether it be a gear related question, a review on a new cool piece of gear, technical support or anything related to the DJ industry. This group and it’s members are here to help. Visit Group
DJs Helping2,080This group is for all DJs, Video DJs, Karaoke Masters, MCs, and anyone with a direct relationship to the DJ industry. It is a place to help others with your knowledge and information.Visit Group
Ultimate DJ Playlist5,200A DJ group to discuss music! Not gear or anything else. This is about music.Visit Group
Wedding Professional12,509For Wedding Professionals (*including DJs) who wish to refer each other or create a wider market base. Visit Group
Be A Better DJ3,749Our mission is to talk about ways to improve our DJ skills and get better as DJs by networking and sharing ideas…feel free to ask DJ related questions and invite other DJsVisit Group
Mobile DJ Idea Sharing1,196This is for Mobile DJ’s Who specialize in their different types of mobile gigs.Visit Group