Expand your KJ Business with Unique Karaoke Download Packs | 30% OFF for a Limited Time

Guitar Karaoke and Lightning Round Karaoke Packs

Introducing AmeriTone Play-A-Tab Guitar Karaoke & Lightning Round Karaoke 50-Song Download Packs!

Expand your Karaoke Business with these two new and industry-first 50-Song Download Packs — and Save 30% for a Limited Time. The 50 Song karaoke download packs are ideal for use with DEX 3 or LYRX, or any media player that supports MP4 format.

Guitar Karaoke and lightning Round Karaoke

AmeriTone Play-A-Tab Guitar Karaoke: Your singers want to feel like music superstars – help them feel like real rock and country performers with Guitar Karaoke! Fully-compatible with the AmeriTone Guitar Learning System, Guitar Karaoke is a simple and fun way for your singers to take things to the next level.

Lightning Round Karaoke: Gamify your karaoke nights with the latest sensation – Lightning Round Karaoke! Similar in format to “kamikaze”, the game challenges participants to jump right into a song as it approaches the chorus. Lightning Round Karaoke is a quick-play game for up to four players, perfect for those interstitial moments that let you change things up, and provide a fresh challenge to your regulars and new singers alike!