Exiting New Developments for SongbookDB | Karaoke Song Request System

New Karaoki + SongbookDB Overview Video
SongbookDB remote song requests

Today, the creator of SongbookDB announced a slew of thrilling and innovative updates to the remote singer/song request system supported by PCDJ Karaoki.

The streamlined registration process has been revamped, allowing singers to send song requests with just a name and initial, doing away with the need for an email address. However, KJs still have the option to create a full account, free of charge, for those who want to use the newly improved Favs folder.

In an effort to enhance accessibility, you can download the app directly from the SongbookDB website, thus phasing out our reliance on Apple and Google Play stores.

SongbookDB’s promotional tools have also seen a revamp, now featuring updated Letter and A4 size flyers accessible via your DJ dashboard. On top of that, several minor tweaks and bug fixes have been rolled out, further enhancing usability.

These upgrades mark a significant leap forward in SongbookDB’s ongoing commitment to provide a seamless and convenient experience for both singers and Karaoke Hosts.

What’s New, Changed, and Updated

  1. Simplified Registration: Singers can now send song requests without the need for an email address. They only need to provide a first name and an initial through the new Guest Account feature. However, singers can still choose to register a Full Account (for free) if they want to access the Favs folder. DJs can ban nuisance users from both Guest and Full accounts.
  2. Direct App Installation: Singers can now install the SongbookDB app directly from www.songbookdb.com. Simply direct them to the website, where they will find an app installation button. For older phones, the web-app is still available. The Apple app store and Google Play versions will soon be phased out and removed from the stores. Although currently installed versions will still work, they will not receive further updates. Therefore, it is recommended to encourage singers to install the new version from www.songbookdb.com.
  3. Updated Promotional Tools: A new version of the Letter and A4 size flyer is available. It includes your DJ code, QR code, and instructions on how to get the app. You can access this flyer through the ‘Promotional Tools’ menu option in the Dashboard at www.songbookdb.com/dashboard.
  4. Improved Favs Folder: The Favs folder has been upgraded to enhance its usability. Now, DJs will only receive song requests from the Favs folder for songs that they already have in their list.
  5. Miscellaneous Improvements: Several minor tweaks and bug fixes have been implemented.