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Enhance Weddings And Events With JammText Interactive Text-To-Screen Software

JammText is fun and interactive DJ/VJ software that enables guests and patrons at your event to share pictures and text messages on screen/s live for all to view (and you CAN vet the text messages/images before sending live!).

Party-goers use text messaging or social media from their own phone/mobile device to send their well wishes to the bride and groom or share pictures for all to see. Compatible with photo booths, JammText will allow you to export all pictures sent to screen at the end of the event so the bride and groom can save the memories.

Our crew was thrilled when we had the opportunity to witness JammText live in action — so much so that we recently became a MixCity Inc affiliate so we could offer our customers this unique and exciting platform. We’ve tested JammText in the field thoroughly, and it works brilliantly right alongside DEX 3 or Karaoki, displaying text messages and images right over-top the mixed video output or karaoke singers screen (When ‘karaoke mode’ is enabled the banners/messages will only show up at the very bottom portion of the screen, so they will not cover up the on-screen lyrics).

Watch the video above to see how you can boost your events with JammText.