Elevate your DJ set with SoundCloud Go+

Streaming is the standard method consumers access and discover music today, and for pro DJs the path is being paved by companies like SoundCloud and their Go+ Subscription.

There’s no question in our collective mind that streaming is the future of DJing — but there are justified concerns, such as WiFi/internet reliability. While we get it, it’s important to note that quite a few bars and restaurants have relied on internet/cable type connections to stream audio in their venues for years. More importantly, as technology lunges forward every day leaders in the sector such as SpaceX will soon make “Reliable WiFi for all” a reality. Think 10,000+ satellites in orbit with redundancy offering every person on earth a truly mind-blowingly-fast connection — no matter the location they’re in.

For DEX 3 DJs lucky enough to work in a venue or reception hall equipped with WiFi SoundCloud Go+ is already a boon. We’re not saying dump your hard drive full of music (you can if you want) just yet. Think of SoundCloud Go+ as a way to fill the gaps in your existing music library, with access to the most complete stream-able collection of popular tracks and underground releases to the tune of more than 200 million totals tracks — for only $9.99-a-month.

As a competent, technically savvy DJ there’s nothing wrong with prepping for what’s next. Whether you like it or not, streaming is integrating more and more into our every day lives, and will continue to become more reliable, pushing it’s way further into the pro space.