Easy To Use DJ Software: PCDJ RED Mobile 2

PCDJ has been in the business of creating and innovating DJ software since 1998, and I’ve had the pleasure (and quite possibly a bit of dumb luck) of being part of the DJ mixing software revolution from the start.  Our Digital 1200sl software was the first commercially sold dual deck MP3 DJ software globally, the product that put us on the DJ map. 

When our founder, whom was already deeply entrenched in the early MP3 technology space, considered “What if you could DJ on a computer with MP3 files?” he sought out a programmer with both a DJ and advanced development background to turn his idea into a functioning DJ software solution professionals would use.  It was fate, as he found a DJ programmer that was already working on his solution months before contact. 

There was one other consumer mixing software product on the market at the time, Virtual Turntables (Often referred to as simply VTT).  While it was talked about a lot on the old DJ forums, especially in Europe, the application lacked a few key features to make it a truly professional DJ software solution, most notably headphone cueing and the ability to set cue points.   

Our newly formed company Visiosonic’s goal from day one was to make DJing with a computer fun and accessible to anyone with a capable windows computer.  The Digital 1200sl software, which was featured on the Warp Tour and used by Ice T’s stage DJwas easier to use than traditional DJ equipment and considerably less back-breaking than lugging around cases of CD’s or crates of vinyl.  The technology’s goal and our companies mantra was to improve the DJs quality of life, making setup, breakdown and the flow of the job from start to finish simple while still paying homage to DJing’s vinyl roots.  

Fast forward to 2014, and DJ software dominates the disc jockey space.   All the top DJ equipment manufacturers now create DJ controllers that are essentially really nice, but glorified keyboards and mice.  They are driven by the DJ software used with them.  A total about face from the early days (“No one will DJ with a computer!”).

With advancements in technology and computer processing power the DJ software of today can do things efficiently that in 1998 we could only dream about.  However, with loads of new features and depth of functionality also comes complication.   The manual for the Digital 1200sl was about 20 pages, whereas you need a manual, and various video tutorials to truly learn how to use some of the DJ programs on the market today.    

PCDJ DEX 3 is our flagship DJ software, designed to mix audio, music videos and karaoke.   It has 4 decks, a sampler, various effects and transitions and more.    Many of today’s Digital DJ’s want…rather they truly need the feature depth a product like DEX 3 provides to stay competitive in an market that becomes more competitive every year.  We find most of the DJs that purchase DEX 3 have been working with or using computers for live performance for years.   However, through phone call conversations, sales inquiries and forum discussions with our public we’ve consistently found Mobile DJs and “old-schoolers” looking for DJ software that’s has a simple interface and is easier to use than most current options on the market. 

Enter RED Mobile 2 (and soon to be released RED Mobile 3 free update).  We created RED Mobile 2 for both Mobile DJs and entry level DJs that wanted a product that had all the basics they need to perform: Lightning fast search, hands-free automatic mixing, one-click beat sync, high-quality key lock and a myriad of other “core features” that make it easy to do their job and focus on their clients – not their DJ software.   It was designed by a staff member that is himself a Mobile DJ.  Anyone that’s been a fan of PCDJ through the last decade and a half will recall PCDJ’s always had a “RED” version – beginning with the iconic RED 5.2 software, which many early adopters of digital DJ technology considered the first DJ software standard.  RED Mobile 2 is in the same vein, albeit with some major performance advantages. 

PCDJ Red Mobile 2 DJ Software

It’s evolved quite a bit over the last 3 years, with free updates launched regularly – but one thing that still holds true, it’s easy to use DJ software that won’t break the bank.   RED Mobile 2 has kept in line with what we set out to do over a decade ago, create a simple DJ software for professional DJs that makes it easy to perform gigs, improving a DJs abilities and quality of life.
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