Video Tutorial | Drag And Drop Files Into The DEX 3 Library From Finder Or Explorer

The recent launch of the DEX 3.4 mixing software update provides a few new features and performance improvements, including the ability to drag-and-drop files directly into active lists or the sidelist/automix list from Finder (MAC) or Explorer (Windows).

Instead of using the traditional methods of importing tunes into DEX 3, such as nesting folders as favorites or generating playlists from folders, you can open up a directory window and simply drag in entire music/media directories (folders) – or individual files.

Since DEX 3 dynamically stretches to fit any screen resolution, when you launch the software it will fit your screen completely. You will need to re-size the GUI using the method shown to you in the tutorial video below in order to access explorer/finder while DEX 3 is open.

This new capability will be extra useful in the event you download a track on-the-fly at a gig and want to quickly add it to the automix list or an active list in DEX 3 for immediate incorporation into your mix set.

I’m sure many DJs will prefer using this method to populate the DEX 3 library as it’s a quick and efficient way to quickly add music using a method everyone using a computer for the last two decades is already used to – drag-and-drop.

Video Tutorial: Drag And Drop Files From Finder Or Explorer Into DEX 3’s Library