Thanks for Purchasing LYRX

Click the Button Below to Download LYRX Now


  1. Download LYRX from the button above. Inside the zip you will find three files: One for Windows 32bit (x86), One for Windows 64bit (If you’re running Windows 10, download the 64bit version) and One for MAC (Pkg file). Unzip the zip and double-click the correct installer for your system to begin the installation.
  2. After installation, open up LYRX and click “START DEMO SESSION”
  3. Locate the RED COLORED TEXT written at the very top of the LYRX interface that reads ‘click here to buy or unlock’ and click it.
  4. Then click, ‘I already bought this’.
  5. Type in the activation code in the top box on the activation screen and click “unlock” next to it. This will activate LYRX to the full version.

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