Download The RED Mobile 3 Skin For DEX 3

Our lighter DJ software designed for Mobile DJ use received a major face-lift yesterday with the release of RED Mobile 3, bringing the platform up-to-date with DEX 3.3.

Part of the core upgrade to RED Mobile 3 is the completely redesigned graphics engine, which supports dynamic re-sizing and looks stunning on high resolution retina displays.   A side product of the graphics update is that the skins (GUI) for each of our DJ software options will work for either product (although even with a video skin, RED Mobile 3 won’t play videos – sorry guys!)

We’ve already had a few DEX 3 customers ask if they could utilize the new RED Mobile 3 skin with their DEX 3 software for when they are doing audio-only gigs, so we figured we’d post the skin up for download so all DEX 3 DJ software users can try it.

The RED Mobile 3 skin features vertical wave-forms in the middle mixer section, which can greatly visually assist with beat mixing – although the BPM sync function and beat grid already make it easy.   You also have larger play and transport control buttons, so DJs using a mouse to perform may prefer using it.

*Unzip the RED Mobile 3 Skin to: Documents (Docs) -> PCDJ-DEX3 -> Skins.   You can then access the skin from the select user interface drop down menu in DEX 3’s options.