Download The PCDJ Karaoke Video Codec Pack | Play MP4 And Other Video Files In Karaoki

Download Karaoke Video Codec Pack

If you’re using our Karaoki karaoke software and have had trouble playing karaoke video files such as MP4 or AVI, download and install our new PCDJ karaoke video codec pack below.

Mp4 karaoke files codec pack

Karaoki, like many karaoke programs today, requires video codecs to be installed on the computer in order to play various types of karaoke video files. Thankfully, for many KJs using Karaoki on a Windows Computer playing karaoke video files such as MP4 the codecs required are already installed. However, for those users that experience an ‘error loading file’ or similar issue when attempting to load and play karaoke video files they’ve had to install a video codec pack like CCCP or Klite.

Finding the right combination of karaoke video file format, codec pack, settings, and graphics card drivers has been a unfortunately daunting task for some Karaoki KJs — with some users unable to get any of the karaoke video codec packs on the web to do the trick. This can understandably lead to user frustration as the popularity of MP4 karaoke video files has grown substantially over the last few years.

Introducing The PCDJ Karaoke Video Codec Pack

Our karaoke software development team has spent a considerable time over the last few weeks creating the ‘PCDJ Karaoke Video Codec Pack‘, and so far the results have been fantastic. Windows 7, 8 and 10 users of Karaoki that have had zero luck using one of the popular karaoke video codec packs, such as the Klite Mega Codec Pack, are now able to play MP4 and other karaoke video file types in Karaoki using the PCDJ Karaoke Video Codec Pack.

While we confident the PCDJ Karaoke Video Codec Pack will work for the majority of Karaoki KJs that wish to play karaoke video files such as MP4, while there may still be anomalies — there’s a really good chance the codec pack will work for you!

You will want to make sure no other video codec packs are installed on your computer before installing the PCDJ Karaoke Video Codec Pack. Here are the steps for proper installation:

The PCDJ Karaoke Video Codec Pack Installation Instructions:

1. Uninstall CCCP, K-Lite or similar codec packs from ‘programs and features’ in your Windows Control Panel (if applicable)
2. Reboot your computer
3. Unzip and Install the ‘KaraokeCodecPack’ (Download from button below)
4. Reboot your computer
5. Test an MP4 video with Karaoki (or other video file format), if the video plays you’re done and ready to play karaoke video files in Karaoki, if not go to step 6
6. Close Karaoki
7. Re-run the ‘Karaoke Codec Pack’ installer
8. Reboot
9. Go to step 5

IMPORTANT NOTE: On most Windows machines it will work correctly on the first or second attempt, however on some machines a 3rd attempt is sometimes required.

Have questions about our Karaoki karaoke software, the PCDJ Karaoke Video Codec Pack or MP4 karaoke files?  Please leave them in the comments section below!