Download The New PCDJ RED Mobile 3 Update Now

It was only just yesterday that we posted a preview of the new RED Mobile 3 DJ software.  It’s now available to download!

RED Mobile 3 is a free upgrade for RED Mobile 2 customers.  While RED Mobile 3 will not install over top of RED Mobile 2, it will pick up your RED Mobile 2 activation so it will open fully licensed and ready to mix.  You’ll want to view the introduction to RED Mobile 3 tutorial video at the bottom of this post, and also take a look at how you can import playlists from RED Mobile 2 into RED Mobile 3 (The video showcases DEX 3, but the import function works the same way).

As DEX 3 DJ mixing software users already know, the new version 3 platform is a major core-upgrade to RED Mobile in every sense of the word.  Version 3 is the new foundation for our next generation of free updates — and we’re just getting started.

RED Mobile 3 – Major Notable Changes:
  • The software was completely re-engineered with extensive parts rewritten from scratch.
  • Extensive performance optimizations and stability improvements
  • Graphics engine completely rewritten
  • Optimizations to allow for up to one million tracks in the database
  • You can view list in 2 distinct modes: full mode and simple/table mode (the old way)
    * To change between normal and list-mode right-click on the list and select “Toggle view mode” from the popup menu
    * You can: change columns order, hide/show columns, resize columns, lock sorting or resizing, sort by clicking on the columns (and revert the sorting by clicking on the “No.” column header)
  • Retina support for the latest Macs (with dynamic on-off when needed)
  • Dynamic skin resize (including full screen native Mac support)
  • Controllers engine rewritten (the old scripts are 99% compatible – no changes needed in most scripts)
  • NEW Sidelist/automix list
  • Album artwork in lists/explorer (and optionally over the jog-wheels)
  • Tracks’ tags are always used (even when browsing disk folders)
  • Sound display rendering greatly improved (RMS waveform + rhythm waveform overlapped)
  • Sound display blinks when the track is close to the end (<30 seconds left)
  • Setting to enable/disable resetting of pitch after auto-mix
  •  iTunes integration completely rewritten (much faster and better, tracks retain original order in playlists, etc)
  • Added compatibility with iTunes 12 (and fixed crash when loading huge iTunes libraries)
  • You can right click in the History list and you can filter by specific date
  • Tags support greatly improved for both reading and writing (you can now edit tags for: mp3, m4a, mp4, wav, aif, flac, ogg, wma; note that most video files (except for mp4) don’t support tags so no tag editing is possible on mov, mkv, cdg-zip, au, etc)
  • Changed functionality: you can also scroll the lists by dragging them from the right side (very useful for touch-screen users); drag&drop still works if you drag a track from the left side; (left 75% drag&drop / right 25% scroll)
  • Mac: the app is now 64-bit (MacOSX 10.7+)
  • Multiple search improvements (including below:)
  • Added setting to Preferences: “Search in the middle of words” (eg. to allow you to find “bcd” in “abcde”)
  • Added new keyboard shortcuts:
    – <Enter> adds all inserted tracks in the current list to the sidelist
    – <Cmd/Ctrl + A> inserts/clears all tracks in the list
    – <Insert> inserts the current track selected in the list
    – <Cmd/Ctrl + Up/Down arrow keys> drags/moves the current selected track up or down
    – <Cmd/Ctrl + PageUp/PageDown> or <Cmd/Ctrl + Home/End> drags/moves the current selected track to top/bottom of the list
  • Select tracks: you can use the <mouse + Shift> or <mouse + Cmd/Ctrl> keys
  • Select tracks: you can use the keyboard (eg. <Shift + Up/Down> arrow keys)
  • Lots of bug fixes and small improvements

IMPORTANT: the Windows version needs DirectX 10/11 compatible hardware (99% of Windows 7/8/8.1 machines should be OK).


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  1. fabian
    fabian says:

    disculpen yo maneje el pcdj 5 y la verdad para mi fue lo mejor que pude haber manejado en software de mezcla… en cuanto a esta version como la consigo y se la puede manejar del mismo modo solo con teclado como la anterior o no ??? y no es que sea un lagarto pero no tienen alguna version que no se caduque y pueda manejarla sin problema alguno que se pueda descargar y no se tenga que actualizarla a cada rato. gracia y los mejores exitos para ud … y gracias por lo que dan a conocer

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Hola , Si usted fuera un fan de la versión 5 ( VJ ) que realmente debería mirar DEX 3 como un producto de reemplazo. Se mejoró en muchos aspectos. Además, las mejoras han sido libres para los últimos 4 años – los usuarios de RED Móvil 2 y DEX 2 recibieron ROJO Mobile 3 y DEX 3 de forma gratuita (y esto continuará siendo el caso ) .

      Las actualizaciones son una buena cosa, más características – mejoras de rendimiento y mucho más.

      Disculpen mi español como estoy usando un traductor!

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