Download The New DEX Public Beta | Now With Filler Music Player

DEX is ready for download and comes with new karaoke features

NOTE: DEX was just released. The same download buttons provided below can be used to download the update. DEX is now equipped with full-automatic filler music player for use in between karaoke singers and sets.

Building on last weeks big DEX 3.10 Pro release, version includes a new karaoke ‘filler music player’ (AKA bumper music player) and a few other welcomed tweaks.

Version of DEX 3 Pro, the do-it-all DJ mixing software that allows users to host professional-level karaoke shows, can be downloaded below.

The new build and free update for existing DEX 3 Pro customers strengthens a few of the new features included in last weeks update and includes a new automatic filler music player that will automatically play regular songs in-between singers and sets, without using any of software’s main decks (players). This means the main DEX 3 decks are available to exclusively play karaoke files or music videos.

Also included is a setting that allows you to control how many singers names display on the ‘next singer screen’. You can select from display 0 to 5 singers on screen 2 between singers/sets.

With the myriad of new karaoke-specific features included in the new DEX 3.10 updates and support for Party Tyme’s baked-in karaoke subscription service DEX 3 has become a truly professional karaoke show hosting solution. Our goal to design the worlds-best all-in-one entertainment software solution for today’s versatile DJ is in sight…but we’re just getting started!

As last weeks update was, the new DEX 3 Pro version is a public beta and a release candidate. We’ve already tested the update thoroughly in-house but version still requires hands-on testing from you. You can download the update below and install directly over-top your existing installed version. If you would like to to roll back to the public release of DEX 3 Pro you can download it here on the DEX 3 Pro support page.

What’s New, Changed, and Updated in DEX 3 Pro Version (Since 3.10)

  • Added Karaoke settings tab (in the Preferences/Configuration window)
  • Added setting: select the number of next singers to show on the video screen (0..5 singers)
  • Added setting: use case/preview player as background music / filler player for karaoke
  • Background music player / filler player for karaoke (please enable the setting above first)
    – Click on the Play button (case/preview player) to start mixing the AutoMix list; press again to pause;
    – Right-click to mix to the next track (skip)
  • Added the new Karaoke Singers Rotation list features to the 3 default Daytime skins
  • Smaller fonts for the karaoke next singers (on the video output)
  • Minor fixes and changes to the Preferences/Configuration window
  • View all changes applied in the prior DEX 3.10 release


IMPORTANT NOTES: With your existing version of DEX 3 Pro closed, download and install version to update now. Please be sure to test with one of the default (3) nighttime skins as the Daytime skins have not been updated yet. If you experience any issues running the new public beta please report your findings by opening up a support ticket HERE

Have questions about the new version of DEX 3 Pro or the new karaoke features?  Please leave them in the comments section below!