Download The Denon HC-4500 16:9 Skin For PCDJ DEX 3

Emiliano (DJ Vargas) just submitted his latest skin, and this time it’s a 16:9 resolution skin for DEX 3 modeled after the popular Denon DN-HC4500 19″ Rackmount DJ controller.

Unlike previous iterations of his Denon DJ skins (If you haven’t caught on already, Emiliano is a huge Denon DJ fan), this one has various resolutions included or all 16:9 resolution displays.  Perfect for DJs using the DN-HC4500 controller with high resolution displays (up to 1920 x 1080).

The skin features large rotating jog wheels that support album art, and stacked waveforms across the top for visual beat mixing.  Users will likely enjoy the larger search box with bold text.  I’m not typically a big fan of modeling skins based on hardware, as many times there is a lot of wasted space better utilized for various functions of DEX 3 — but this one isn’t too cluttered and for those that like their DJ software to emulate the look of their hardware, it’s a perfect match.