Download The CUE HUE Skin For All Versions Of DEX 3

Download CUE HUE Skin for DJ Software

Often a little tweak to an existing design can made a big difference.

We believe that’s the case for the recently submitted CUE HUE Skin, a 2-deck (with tablet mode) color-modified version of the DEX 3 RE default GUI. Instead of usual grey tones for the on-screen waveform’s, VU meters and various knobs found in DEX 3 RE, the DJ/designer used a cool blue and a dark-tonal red to further define each deck.

The DJ edited the DEX 3 RE default skin file (a .png file) by opening it in Photoshop and edited directly, as opposed to using our free Skin Designer software. The designers method allows you to easily modify an existing skin by adjusting hue and color but for more advanced skinning such as a total modification and customization of features and layout DJs should use Skin Designer.  If you can dream it up and have the graphical prowess to create it you can map it with Skin Designer for use with all DEX 3 versions.

The CUE HUE skin can be downloaded (for free, as always) below and used with DEX 3 (Pro Edition), DEX 3 RE and our free DJ software – DEX 3 LE.

NOTE: Unzip the contents of the zip file to Documents -> PCDJ-DEX3 (or PCDJ-DEX3LE, PCDJ-DEX3RE) -> Skins.  Then you can select and enable the skin in DEX 3’s options under the “select user interface” drop-down menu under the general tab.

Have a skin submission for our DJ software and want to share with the user community?  Attached and email your skin to submit(@)pcdj(dot)com