Download The Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 Map For DEX 3

The DEX 3 DJ mixing software mapping file and user guide for the Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 DJ controller are now available for download

(*UPDATE: The Mixtrack Pro 3 Script is now included with the DEX 3.4 installation.  Only download the mapping file below if you’re running an older release, or to use with RED Mobile 3)

The Mixtrack Pro 3 is the third and most recent iteration of Numark’s very popular Mixtrack Pro DJ controllers.   It’s also clearly the best designed; we especially like the layout and spacing on the new model.

After significant time playing with the controller, our team feels the Mixtrack Pro 3 is ideal for DJs that only utilize 2 decks with DEX 3 (or RED Mobile 3) and need all the basic mixing controls. It’s also a fit for those mixing music videos with DEX 3, as the cross-fader is mapped to the on-screen audio and video (locked) fader so blending is a breeze.  The pads and their location are particularly nice and have various modes (manual loop, auto loop and sampler). The long throw pitch faders (100mm) are also a surprisingly excellent addition.

Best of all, the Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 is equipped with a built in I/O interface (Using WASAPI) and is currently selling for only $249 (USD) – a tremendous value that won’t be lost on many new DJs or DJs that are looking for an easy-to-navigate DJ controller with all the basics.

MAP INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS:  Unzip the Map (js file) To:   Documents (Docs on MAC) -> PCDJ-DEX3 -> Controllers.  Open up DEX 3 with Mixtrack Pro 3 connected and it will be ready-to-use. 

About The MIXTRACK Pro 3 With Integrated Audio Interface.

MIXTRACK Pro 3 carries on the tradition of Numark’s popular DJ controller series, while still retaining all of the features and benefits that made these controllers so incredibly popular in the in the first place. Designed with skilled, professionally aspiring DJs in mind, the MIXTRACK Pro 3 offers a multitude of features and performance attributes that set them above the entry-level class of product, yet at an extraordinary value and easy trans-portability.

MIXTRACK Pro 3 advances include an integrated class-compliant audio interface with professional headphone connections. Just as the MIXTRACK 3, the Pro version also incorporates class-executive, precision 100mm pitch sliders, as opposed to conventional 60mm sliders, which gives the MIXTRACK Pro 3 extremely fine pitch adjustments allowing you even greater control over matching up the timing of your beats, keeping your music in perfect sync without any drifting.

There’s also dedicated filter knobs for each channel on the MIXTRACK Pro 3, which provides a level of sophisticated, precise tonal control rarely found at these price points. Independent transport controls made of rugged metal offer greater operational flexibility and long-term durability. Other updates in this third revision of MIXTRACK include a multi-function touch strip for dynamic FX control 16 multi-function performance pads, all-new high resolution metal jog wheels, multiple FX manipulation, dedicated track browsing controls from your library, and more.

Video Review Of The Numark Mixtrack Pro 3