Download New DEX 3.15.2 Public Beta | Includes Support for Beatport LINK and Beatsource LINK

A public beta of DEX 3.15.2 is available for download with two new streaming options for DJs. (Updated 10/21/20)

We’re exited to announce that Beatport LINK and Beatsource LINK support has been added to DEX 3.15.2. Support for the two DJ-centric streaming services means DEX 3 DJ’s can access and stream millions of tracks from premium artists and producers. Search on-the-fly, create playlists, and access curated playlists created by DJs all over the world — all from within the DEX 3.15.2 file browser. Whether you’re a Mobile DJ that needs the latest and hottest music to fill every request, or a Club DJ looking to mold your sound with the latest electronic tracks, Beatport LINK and Beatsource LINK have you covered.

Beatport LINK,  the leading source of electronic music for DJs, includes over nine million tracks. Mix tracks from Beatport’s huge catalog, access curated selections from artists and labels, and create your own instantly ready playlists. It’s the most powerful record collection on the planet, available anywhere — even offline* (*with LINK Pro and LINK Pro + subscription options).

Beatsource LINK is your source for multiple genres of music, and a great option for Mobile DJs that also take requests. DJ any type of event with their expansive catalog of open-format music. Whether it’s a house party, festival, corporate gig or wedding, you’ll be covered with Beatsource. Just like Beatport LINK, you can also download tracks for offline playback with a LINK Pro or LINK Pro+ subscription.

What does this all mean for DEX 3 DJs? It means you can mix and match your collection of tunes with the massive multi-million song catalogs of two of the best new streaming platforms for professional DJs. LINK is your link to music.

Also included in the DEX 3.15.2 public beta are a number of new key detection options and key color coding for easier visual key matching. DJs now have 5 different ways (notations) to view Musical Key. More on this and how you can make use of it during your mix sessions in a future blog post.

Since DEX 3.15.2 with LINK streaming support is a public beta, if you run into any issues you can share them with the user community on the Official PCDJ Facebook User Group.

For additional information about Beatport LINK and Beatsource LINK support, including the various tiers and pricing options, please click here.

What’s New, Changed, and Fixed in the DEX 3.15.2 Beta

  • Beatport LINK and Beatsource LINK (beta) support
  • Completely overhauled the musical key and key mixing functionality:
    – 5 different ways (notations) to view the Musical Key: Standard Scale, Open Key, Open Key + Standard, Alt Key (Camelot), Alt Key + Standard
    – color-coded Musical Keys in the browser and decks for easy, visual key matching
    – choose between viewing flats (b) or sharps (#)
    – settings for all the above
  • (3.15.2) Added karaoke fixed rotation (add a new singer after the last added singer): includes setting (enabled by default
  • Fixed audio recording on Windows
  • Various performance improvements

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you receive this warning “setup_dex3_3.15.2_mac.pkg can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. this software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information” when installing to macOS Catalina please follow the steps on Apple’s website to install DEX 3.


Have questions about the latest 3.15.2 version of our DEX 3 DJ software or Beatport LINK and Beatsource LINK?  Please leave them in the comments section below!

8 replies
  1. Jimmy
    Jimmy says:

    This is awesome! Only question is I recently purchased dex 3.14, and would all of my user lists reset when I update to 3.15? I spent some time building those lists for different genres of music and don’t want to lose them. Would they still be there after I update dex?

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Hi Jimmy, yes indeed, all playlists will transfer seamlessly after updating. Updates simply patch overtop existing versions all user data remains intact!

      • jimmy
        jimmy says:

        Thank you! Just did the update and its all still there. also wanted to tell you that I couldn’t be happier with this program. you guys crushed it

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      We’ve had a couple reports of this and development is reviewing the issue now. It’s likely due to the function that disables recording when using subscription content (a requirement due to copyright issues). We’ll push out a patch soon if it’s found to be an issue.

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