Download Free Music Video Pack: Making Beats Count Contest Videos

Making Beats Count: Free Music Video Download Pack


Last year, PCDJ Sponsored Beats Rhymes & Relief’s (a non-profit organization utilizing the arts to raise awareness and support for worldwide humanitarian relief effortsMaking Beats Count Contest.

Beats Rhymes & Relief traveled to a few top U.S. Cities hosting free block party style events designed to bring artists and industry to communities in need to inspire positive actions for social good.

In an effort to raise awareness about the importance of positive messaging, community service and mentor-ship they brought together talented producers, emcee’s, graffiti artists, break dancers and DJs to participate in this social good campaign that has influenced thousands of youth across the nation.

5 major cities came together to produce 5 new tracks and videos:  Dallas, Chicago, D.C., N.Y.C. and L.A.  We we truly inspired by the music video submissions, the tracks are fantastic and the videos top notch.  The vibe is positive, and true to hip-hop roots.

Beats Rhymes and Relief wanted to give back to the PCDJ community, and have provided the 5 music videos from “Making Beats Count” – as well as “Just Us“, the first release from BRR’s Million Bars program during the 41st Anniversary of the Universal Zulu Nation and the 40th for Hip Hop.

The music videos are HD quality, and free to download and use in your video mix sets.  If you’re mixing music videos with our VJ Software PCDJ DEX 3, or just trying the free demo, download the video pack now and enjoy.   You can watch the music video submissions below the download button.


Million Bars – JUST US