Download FREE 2019 New Years Eve Countdowns

Download Free New Years Eve Countdowns 2019

Download FREE New Years Eve Countdowns, compliments of the production team at ADSR and BPM Supreme.

The production teams are the respective companies have collaborated to create “the ultimate vocal production pack” to help DJs bring in the New Year in style.

From the ADSR website:

2019 New Years Eve Countdowns and FX is a complete vocal sample pack that has been carefully crafted for you to use during your New Years Eve gigs. Whether your DJ’ing and or performing live, these vocal countdowns and party hyped vocal shouts will elevate your sets to the next level.

Packed with over 160 vocal phrases in a wide range of styles from multiple voice actors, this pack has something for every NYE celebration scenario. Hyped up shouts, soft / dark spoken phrases, vocoded & robotic announcements along with a variety of NYE countdowns is just a part of whats included.”

All phrases are also included in multiple languages so no matter your country or the venue you’re performing in you’ll find a countdown that fits the bill.

DEX 3 customers should highly consider adding a video loop or text/image/video overlay to display along with the countdown you choose to use. We suggest fireworks, champagne popping, or anything New Years Eve friendly.

Be sure to bang the button below to visit the ADSR website for the FREE New Years Eve Countdowns for 2019. When the clock is about to strike midnight — you’ll be ready!

Have questions about the FREE New Years Even Countdowns for 2019?  Please leave them in the comments section below!