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DEX DJ software update

The official public release of DEX is ready for download and it’s karaotastic!

Yes, we’ve gone all in and ’embraced the karaoke’ with the latest and greatest version of DEX 3. Now you can host karaoke with ease and precision with a bevy of new professional features that bring DEX 3’s karaoke capabilities on par with it’s DJ and video mixing prowess.

DEX 3 version 3.10 screenshot

All new features and changes in DEX, a free update for all DEX 3 users, are listed below. Be sure to watch both tutorial videos for a walk-through of the new karaoke singer rotation list, singer/song history, and automatic filler music features. All included features can be used with the Party Tyme Karaoke Subscription service or with your own karaoke music or video library.

Also included are a few ease of use items such as being able to drag a song to position in the sidelist/automix list and a new shuffle option accessible via the sort menu. We’ve also addressed a few small bugs and improved overall performance to ensure even better stability.

DEX is PCDJ’s most complete DJ mixing software solution ever. While we’ve already made great strides towards creating the best all-in-one live performance software product on the market — we’re just ramping up!

What’s New, Changed, and Updated in DEX 3 Pro Version

  • Added Karaoke Singers Rotation list (managed singer rotation)
  • Rotation list functionality – after 20s of playback, the top singer in the rotation list is moved to the bottom of the list (if it still has any songs left to play/sing)
  • You can move, remove, collapse/expand the songs for a singer (click on the number of songs text/arrow)
  • You can drop a karaoke track on a singer’s line (and the singer’s name will be automatically pre-selected)
  • Singers history using autocomplete for Singer’s name (on macOS press F5 (Fn + F5) or Option-Esc to bring up the autocomplete list); you can clear the remembered singers;
  • You can add a track to the rotation by drag & drop, pressing <ENTER> on a track, double-clicking on a track, selecting the “Send to sidelist” menu option (right-click on a track)
  • DEX 3 Pro can now read all karaoke zip formats
  • Added Shuffle option to the Sort menu
  • History list now displays the singer that sang the song (singer name is saved to History list)
  • Search for all songs by a karaoke singer in DEX 3’s History list by typing “singer:name” or “s:name” (eg. s:joe)
  • Fixed cue points (in the mixer area) on the default 2-decks skins
  • Several improvements and fixes for drag & drop (eg. you can drop a track in a specific position in the side list)
  • Added Karaoke settings tab (in the Preferences/Configuration window)
  • Added setting: select the number of next singers to show on the video screen (0..5 singers)
  • Added setting: use case/preview player as background music / filler player for karaoke
  • Background music player / filler player for karaoke (please enable the setting above first)
    – Click on the Play button (case/preview player) to start mixing the AutoMix list; press again to pause;
    – Right-click to mix to the next track (skip)
  • Added the new Karaoke Singers Rotation list features to the 3 default Daytime skins
  • Smaller fonts for the karaoke next singers (on the video output)
  • Other minor fixes and performance improvements are also included

DEX Tutorial Videos

Have questions about DEX DJ software and the freshly included karaoke features?  Please leave them in the comments section below! 

2 replies
  1. Jeff Hysong
    Jeff Hysong says:

    Looking good…But 2 things..
    Is there a way to adjust the volume of the background player?
    Is Dex3 eventually going to able to incorporate the Remote Karaoke Request system for Phone requests?

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Hi Jeff, thanks! I assume you would just adjust the volume level from your external mixer as you normally would. You can use a separate sound card or output (on a multi channel pro-audio interface) for the filler music player so you can send to an independent channel on your mixer (so you can adjust volume levels there). The filler music player uses the same perceptual automatic gain feature as the regular DEX 3 decks as well (so all songs will play at the same level).

      And yes, DEX 3 will eventually be able to handle remote singer/song requests 🙂

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