Download The DEX 3.6.1 Release Candidate

Download DEX 3 DJ software 3.6.1

Tweaking code so you can tweak knobs – The DEX 3.6.1 release candidate is available for download!

The updated 3.6.1 version of DEX 3 is a release candidate; it requires one more round of public field testing before being issued as the full release.

Along with droves of DEX 3 DJ program users we’ve been beating up on the 3.6.1 public beta for the last week and have managed to find, and squash, a few bugs. One particularly nasty critter caused a near-immediate crash when loading/playing songs due to a system file that was inadvertently affecting buffering tracks into RAM.

On the flip-side we’ve received copious reports of snappier overall responsiveness, better stability and tighter DJ controller communication with the previous public beta — the refactored audio engine and rewiring of other core functions has improved DEX 3’s performance. A stronger foundation lends nicely to many of the new features planned for the next free update and beyond.

We invite all DEX 3 DJs and potential users to download and try the DEX 3.6.1 release candidate, our flagship DJ software for mixing audio, music videos and karaoke.

NOTE: Since version 3.6.1 is a release candidate we recommend testing thoroughly before DJing live. You can post any reports on the DEX 3 user forum HERE

Changes Included With The DEX 3.6.1 Release Candidate

  • Fixed crash when loading certain tracks
  • Fixed bug with a Windows system file being picked up inadvertently, causing a crash for some.
  • Various minor optimizations and performance improvements

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