Download And Try The New Karaoki Beta Update

New Karaoki Build 0.8.5559 (just updated again 3/23/15) is ready for download, with a number of improvements and new features our karaoke software users are going to enjoy.

For KJs that demand the ultimate in singer and song rotation management, Karaoki is PCDJ’s best karaoke hosting solution for the job.  This stand-alone karaoke program has been used to host gigs by KJs in over 60 countries for the last 7 years, and with every update we strive to make it better.  User feedback via our Karaoki forum and customers we talk to has been a driving force behind much of what Karaoki is capable of today.

About the new HD Plus Video File support added to the new Karaoki beta:  The HD+ (plus) MP4 video files have two separate stereo audio tracks, and the new Karaoki beta detects the second audio track upon loading the file to be played.  When detected, two additional buttons that are displayed and the KJ can select the audio track they wish to hear. Karaoki now also correctly supports video tracks with convention Multiplexed audio, i.e Audio only on one channel and audio+vocals on the other.

Here’s all the notable fixes, updates and changes in the new Karaoki beta

Build #0.8.5554.31651 Mar 18th 2015

  • Note: This Karaoki (karaoke software) beta build receives an audio/video playback engine upgrade – including support for HD PLUS Karaoke Videos.
  • Fixed: Various performance improvements
  • Fixed: Drag-and-drop search results into a BGM Case not working
  • Fixed: Issue with singers data being overwritten when a request is received from an existing singer via the SongBookDB plugin and the existing singer has not been loaded.
  • Change: Deleting a singer from the computer (right-click delete-singer option in rotation list) – now automatically unloads a loaded the singer from the current show before deleting from the drive.
  • Added (much requested):Clear Rotation’ option to the Rotation list right click menu, this option takes all singers that have been loaded into a show out of rotation.
  • Added: Dialogue when loading existing singers into the show: The dialogue has options to load the singer’s tracks ‘as saved’, load singer data with ‘all tracks loaded into rotation’ or load singer with ‘no tracks loaded into rotation’.
  • Added: Vendor codes now added to the DiscID filed for the KCP track case (easily see what manufacturer the KCP song is from).
  • Added: When using multiplexed tracks and multiplex is enabled, right clicking on the ‘Multiplex‘ button now displays an option to swap and reverse the Channel allocation.
  • Added: Detection for multiple audio tracks when using video files (WAV, MP4, Mpeg, etc.), when detected channel 1 or 2 may be selected using the 2 small buttons that are then displayed just above the volume control. This has been added so as to support the new HD Plus and Cloud HD karaoke (coming soon!) files format that contains two audio tracks.
  • Added: Controls to adjust Video/Audio Sync, This option is on the’ Video Playback Settings’ screen on the ‘Options > Video Options ‘ menu , they only affect video file playback and not CD+G/MP3+G.
  • Note For Karaoke Cloud Pro Subscribers:  The next time you log into your Karaoke Cloud Pro subscription after installing the new beta and update your case, vendor codes will now be displayed in the DiskID column (at the end).   The codes represent vendors Digitrax Entertainment, SBI, Sunfly, DK, Stage Stars and Mr Entertainer.
  • Select-A-Track and other HD+  Karaoke tracks are now supported.  When you load to play an HD+ Karaoke Song you will see two new buttons (1 & 2) above the Karaoki deck volume control, these buttons are only displayed if the video file has multiple audio tracks and are used to select the audio track.


Build #0.8.5559.20617 Mar 22nd 2015

  • Fixed: GUI freezing while loading singers with large repertoires
  • Added: Check box’s so when checked the option selected when importing is saved and the dialogues are no longer displayed.