Download and Try LYRX Karaoke Software…for Windows!

Try LYRX for Windows

LYRX for MAC (only) has been available for the last year and a half; now there’s a public beta for Windows you can download and take for a test drive.

LYRX 1.4 for Windows is ready for download as a public beta, which means we’ve tested it thoroughly in-house and we’re ready for the masses to have a go. LYRX is built on the DEX 3 technology, which is designed for Windows and MAC, so we can state with supreme confidence that LYRX for Windows will perform as it should on Windows 7, 8/8.1, and 10.

LYRX on Windows laptop

LYRX is modern and snappy karaoke software for professional use, with all the features pro’s need to host karaoke with ease and precision. Included is managed singer rotation, singer/song history, automatic filler music player, a robust (and lightning quick) browser with search, key control, and much more. Unlike most karaoke show hosting solution it also has native support for all video file types, including the ever-growing-in-popularity MP4 karaoke file format.

If you need karaoke music, LYRX and Party Tyme Karaoke have you covered there, too. Subscribe to the entire Party Tyme catalog with the $99-a-month (commercially legal) karaoke subscription, or purchase and download karaoke songs on-the-fly from the new built-in store.

We invite KJs that use Windows to download and try the new LYRX public beta version 1.4 below.  The trial version is fully functional, but will require a restart every 20 minutes while in trial mode.  LYRX is currently priced at only $39.95, but that won’t last long. Look for an upward change in price early 2019.

How to use the Party Tyme Karaoke Subscription

How to use the Store


Have questions about LYRX for Windows?  Please leave them in the comments section below!

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  1. Wayne Curtis
    Wayne Curtis says:

    Is there a community troubleshooting page for this new windows release of LYRX? Need to start somewhere as neither the 32 bit nor 64 bit versions will run on my Windows 10 machine. Both PCDJ’s DEX3 and Karaoki that I purchased work without incident. I have tried to run each with admin privileges also to no avail. the splash screen opens, the small video window and a smaller window behind the video window and it stops responding. Turned off my Malware Bytes software also and still get the same result. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      I’m pretty confident it’s an antivirus issue. If you have any other antivirus application installed, such as AVG, Norton, AVAST – they will cause a crash when opening LYRX. It’s due to the store (LYRX accesses their server on startup, downloading the store assets and track list). We’ve seen it quite a few times now, and the culprit has been antivirus in every instance. Users have been able to disable antivirus, open up LYRX and let it access/download the store (25,000 songs are then added to the database), and then re-enable antivirus without any further problem. The same issue has occurred with the new DEX 3 release that also has the store built in. LYRX is just a light version of DEX 3, so it’s built on code that’s been field tested for years. All signs point to AV being the prob, but if you don’t have enough system RAM available to manage the 25,000 additional songs in the cache that could cause a problem, too. Let us know! Also, just a suggestion: Malware Bytes is a very intrusive application known for “false positives” – also known to delete/mess with DEX 3’s registry key. I would not recommend using it on a machine you take in the field, in any capacity.

      • Wayne Curtis
        Wayne Curtis says:

        It would seem that the antivirus software was indeed contributing to the failure to start, at least once. I turned off my windows defender and Malwarebytes, reinstalled the 64 bit version of LYRX and it started right up. I imported my folder of karaoke songs and began to check it out. Saw that the pitch control spanned a much wider range than my current software and set it to 12 then set it to -12. The song gained a bad static / clicking after doing so, so I stopped it and started it again at 0 pitch. The sound was still there after trying several things to clear it up. At this point I decided to shut down the program and restart it to see if the noise had stopped. That was it, I have not had any luck with it since. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. Have made sure the LYRX folder in documents was deleted, and still it hangs with the three screens right at the

        • Ryan Sherr
          Ryan Sherr says:

          Are you using your built-in laptop audio interface (as opposed to a pro audio USB interface)? If so, the last Windows 10 update has crippled WASAPI/Direct Sound a bit for some customers. The problem has impacted many ‘games’ – and since LYRX (somewhat uniquely) runs in it’s own environment, much like a game does, the problem has surfaced for some of our DEX3/LYRX users. MS is well aware of the issue and I’m sure they’ll be a patch soon. However, a quick fix is to use ASIO4ALL (which will also increase performance of LYRX all around) – just go to: and download/install the free asio4all driver. Open up LYRX, and under the ‘audio routing’ tab in options select asio4all. See how how LYRX performs thereafter. Also, what are the specifications of your machine? Specifically, the processor, amount of RAM, and graphics card? Thank you!

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