Do you NEED to use a DJ Controller with DEX 3?

DJ Controllers

We get this question from customers and potential customers a lot. While the answer isn’t cut and dry, it can be boiled down to your personal requirements and aspirations as a DJ or Karaoke Host.

Do you mix music or music videos? Do you aspire to blend tracks, apply effects, trigger cue points and/or samples? Getting funky with loops and scratching? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the answer is emphatically YES; you absolutely need to look at acquiring and using one of the 100+ DEX 3 supported DJ Controllers.

DEX 3 DJ Software with Reloop Touch DJ Controller

DJ controllers provide hands-on, tactile control. You can perform various actions at once, such as triggering a loop or effect and cutting with the fader. Scratching with a platter (jog wheel) on a DJ controller isn’t exactly vinyl, but it’s gotten a lot closer to the ‘real thing’ over the last decade. Pressure sensitive, AKA capacitive jog wheels, allow for various techniques when scratching that mirror or at the very least, mimic, real vinyl manipulation. Without question, if you’re the type of performance DJ that mixes with our DJ Software a DJ Controller should be on your list of must-buys.

Personally, no matter what the event may require, I always come equipped with a DJ controller. With so many supported options I can select from there’s always a good tool for the job. A small “throw it in your backpack and go” controller like the Numark DJ2GO2 Touch is perfect for pool side gigs or ceremonies. If I’m heading to the bar or club and need more bells and whistles, I would select a more robust option like the Reloop Touch, with the native supported displays.

On the flip side, if you’re hosting karaoke with DEX 3 or performing at an event or wedding where you’re taking requests and leaning on automation like automix, a DJ controller may not be needed at all.  Especially for those using DEX 3 for karaoke, where you’re often routing the audio output through a microphone mixer, a DJ controller may just get in the way. After all, the majority of the event you’re simply taking verbal or remote requests, dragging a song to rotation, and typing in the name of the singer. Those are more keyboard/mouse driven functions, which a DJ controller, at least at the time of this post, won’t support.

With that said, I have been impressed by some DEX 3 DJ software customers that have put together impressive mix sets using just a keyboard/mouse. After all, SYNC can be your friend, among the other automated features DEX 3 is capable of (more on this, later).

It’s great to have options no matter what route you choose to go (some other DJ Software work only with DJ Controllers for live performance). Be sure to check the always updated list of supported DJ Controllers before running out to make a purchase.


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