DJTips: Reading The Vibe Of A Group Of People With DJNN And Scott Faver

Every Monday we attempt to bring you new #DJTips to help you become a better DJ (and hopefully provide you the means to put more money in your pocket in the process)

This week, we felt inclined to share a video recently shot and released by Disc Jockey News via their (great) YouTube Channel.   It’s their “Mobile Music Thursday” segment with Jason Jones, which features DJ’s from around the country who are playing weddings, schools, Mitzvahs and bars to find out what are the new hook songs, what songs still work and which ones are fading faster than LeBron’s hairline.

During this weeks segment DJNN hosts Scott Faver, known in the industry as the Game Master.  He share’s his insights in reading the vibe from a group of people so he can play to his audiences tastes in music.   DJing is all about being a great “selector” of music, to ensure a packed dance floor and memorable occasion (and more referrals!):

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  1. maxwel11
    maxwel11 says:

    I dont think that this statement “DJing is all about being a great “selector” of music, to ensure a packed dance floor and memorable ” is true and I disagree with it 100%. music selection is just part of djing there are much (like techniques and performances) that a dj should do as well. In addition to extras a dj may do to be more special and unique and popular by time (these extras vary from one dj to another). So DJing wasn’t and won’t be only about music selection ever (@whoever wrote this article: please, dont under estimate DJing and DJs and don’t forget that who read these articles (if any even does cuz it doesn’t look like any does) are DJs tho and wont like that at all. Peace.

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Thanks, although I wasn’t suggesting programming was everything when it comes to Djing – but reading the crowd, and selecting the right tunes to keep the audience engaged, is absolutely one of the most important tasks of a DJ. Being a great selector is paramount.

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