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Update to DEX Video Mixing Software

DEX is our latest update for our flagship DJ mixing software that enables DJs to offer the total multimedia mixing experience to their fans.

As always, DEX is a free update for DEX 3 (And previous DEX 2) customers.

New in DEX 3.7 is the ability to create rich, multi-layered overlays to display on screen — Text, Image and even video (which will loop automatically) overlays are supported. DJs can adjust position, size and opacity to create the perfect visual presentation for your audience. In the case of text overlays both font and color can be altered.

Use the overlays to display messages/graphics on screen, display your DJ logo or to add a little something extra during a video mix set or when just mixing audio.

The karaoke singers list has also been updated in DEX Your next three karaoke singers will always display on screen (if not playing a music video or karaoke track) no matter their position in the singers list/side list. DEX 3 users can also choose an image or video to display behind the ‘next singers’ display instead of the default black background.

Native support for Hercules DJ’s most advanced DJ controller, the DJControl JogVision, has also been added. All features are supported, including the displays in the center of each jog wheel.

Development has also adjusted the popular Denon MC4000 script to ensure better, bug-free performance with DEX

We hope you enjoy using DEX for all your live audio and video mixing performances!

What’s New, Changed And Updated In DEX

  • Video Graphics Overlays (add custom text, images, videos to the video screen.  “show logo” on screen)
  • Custom background (image or video) for Karaoke Singers List
  • “Disable Pulselocker” setting available under the general tab in options
  • Completely re-implemented Karaoke Singers List
  • New skin/scripting actions: “show_video_overlays” skin action, “videoOverlays” MIDI/skin scripting
  • New controller supported: Hercules DJControl Jogvision
  • Multiple fixes for the Denon MC-4000 controller script
  • Several bugs got the boot
  • Under-the-hood performance improvements

Note: Existing DEX 3 users can download/install the DEX Free Trial to update. Make sure your existing version of DEX 3 is closed and the update will install over-top.  You will not need to re-activate!

Overview Of The New Text, Image And Video Overlay Features In DEX

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