DJ Turns NYC Subway Car Into A Mobile Dance Party

“Today, we Dance!”

At times DJing becomes more “work” than what many DJ’s got into it for in the first place:  Fun and connecting with an audience.  For many DJs it’s spiritual — music uplifts!

AMK Productions set out to uplift commuters by turning a cold and typically joyless NYC subway ride into a mobile dance party complete with DJ rig and lighting.  You can tell commuters were initially quite confused by what was going on, and many made a feeble attempt at ignoring the festivities.  That didn’t last too long as the entire subway car was up and dancing like their were on the beach in Ibiza and not in a metal tube in a concrete tube.

As you watch the video of the event below try to keep in perspective why you became a DJ to begin with. Set out to uplift you audience for the sake of doing just that.

AMK Productions Turns NYC Subway Car Into A Mobile Dance Party

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