DJ Tips: Using Your Phone or iPad As Emergency Backup

The “DJ Tips in under a minute” video below suggests DJs should have an iTunes back up on their phone (iPhone) for special songs.

Mobile DJ Jay Brannan has iTunes sync his track library to his phone, so when he downloads and purchases tracks via iTunes they are automatically synced to both his iPhone and in his iTunes account.  As he explains in the short DJ Tips video below, he had an issue with the Mother-Son song at a recent wedding as it said it was corrupted on his hard drive right before it was to be played.  By carrying a copy of the track on his iPhone and playing the dance from there he easily averted what would’ve been a big problem.  All PCDJ DJ software support direct iTunes playlist integration, so Jay’s tip would apply well for our customers.

DJ DEX iPad App

It’s not a bad suggestion at all, as all you really just need to carry is a single stereo mini-jack (1/8th inch) to two RCA cable to easily connect your portable phone/device to your DJ mixer.   We can suggest a step further by utilizing a full-fledged DJ mixing application for an iPad such as our DJ DEX ($4.99 in the app store).  That way if it more than just a single damaged iTunes track in your DJ software library, and something much more malicious that cripples your ability to use your DJ computer, you’ll have sufficient backup to DJ the remainder of the event.    (Many DJ’s have a backup DJ computer on standby as well, which is still probably the best way to be sure you’re ready in case of emergency)

Moral of the story as Jay purports – Be prepared and ready for all out comes at a Wedding!