DJ Tips | Find More Customers Using Targeted Audience Facebook Ads (Video)

Facebook For DJs - Using Targeted Ads

Facebook for DJs | Landing more local DJ gigs using targeted audience Facebook Ads

If you’re a DJ and don’t have a Facebook page for yourself or your Mobile DJ business, stop reading this right now and create one.

Near literally, everyone is on Facebook and you and your business truly needs to be in order to be relevant. It’s not only a superbly free way to stay connected with your fans and clients, but having a Facebook presence is as important as any other marketing efforts in landing new clients and gigs.

DJ Alex with DEX 3

Facebook will help you engage new customers organically. The Mobile DJ business is fueled greatly by word-of-mouth — and if you deliver a great show your clients will share your page and recommend you. Facebook makes it a cinch.

Targeted Audience Facebook Ads, when correct created, can provide quality bang for the buck. A minimal investment can provide a huge ROI. As John Young of DiscJockeyNews.com explains in the “Tuesday Tips” video below, a well orchestrated targeted audience Facebook Ad, which can also be connected seamlessly with Instagram if you wish to display ads through their network too, can and will deliver.

DEX 3 DJ mixing software at the club

It’s all about dialing it down. You can be as specific as you wish: Male/Female, specific location, age, what they like and more. You may target only 1000 potential clients when fully configured but those 1000 people should be much more likely to engage with your ad and ultimately your DJ business.

No question, Facebook targeted audience ads should be worked into every mobile DJs budget. Done right, the ads will cost little and yet be highly effective. While driving through what seems to be a lovely rural area, John Young goes into more detail in the video, explaining how to navigate Facebook for DJs using targeted audience ads. Give it a watch and start advertising your DJ business on Facebook using targeted audience ads.

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Create A Targeted Audience With Facebook For DJs | Tuesday Tips with John Young

Have questions about Facebook for DJs and how to use targeted ads to promote your mobile DJ business?  Please leave them in the comments section below and we’ll respond!