DJ Tips | Use A Coax Cable For Long RCA Needs

I’ll admit this is a new one for me.  In the 16 years I’ve DJ’d and worked with our customers to better utilize our DJ programs I never know you could use a coax cable for RCA at all, much less that it works better than standard RCA cables for long leads.

In this DJ Tip Under a Minute Jay Brannan shows you how to easily modify any standard coax cable with a simple RCA adapter.

This looks to be a creative and excellent method for when you need to run RCA’s a long distance.  Jay Explains:

Sometimes I have to run a long RCA cable at an event for a projector or other audio. What I have learned is that you can use a Coax cable with an RCA adaptor on it for this purpose without losing any audio strength in the signal. The longer the RCA distance the higher the chance of signal concerns, so try this alternative method to save the hassle of lower signal and volume over long distance.

Rule of thumb pertaining to signal loss and reduction in sound quality: 50′ is pushing it for unbalanced lines, 15′ is the limit that most professional engineers recommend however as you’ll pick up some noise along the way if longer.  If you’ve got a long way to go to connect to the output device/speakers from your DJ rig using a coax cable with RCA adapter seems like a great solution, and a great DJ tip from Jay.

Watch DJ Tip Under A Minute With Jay Brannan