DJ Tips Under A Minute With Jay Brannan – Music HD’s

A DJs collection of media, audio, video and karaoke files, are his/her greatest asset.  

As many of us that have been performing with DJ software for many years already know, backing up your HD and storing a backup safely is paramount.   It takes time to rip (from CD), download (from a Record Pool service Like the iDJPool), apply proper tags, fix tags and otherwise organize media files.  Many of us have acquired over a hundred thousands files over our span as a DJ, the last thing you need is to keep all your eggs in one basket. 

Jay Brannan's "DJ Tips In Under A Minute" segments are great.  Short, sweet and to the point…after all he's only got a minute.  In this clip Jay talks about moving a backup hard drive off-site, in case of complete disaster.   It's a good point, and one that I hadn't previously considered:

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