DJ Tips | The Best Way To Back Up Your Music Library

By now all pros using DJ software should know that backing up your DJ media is a vital task not to be ignored or put-off — you’ve collected many thousands of tracks, music videos and karaoke files, meticulously curating them to ensure ID tags are clean and updated — the last thing you want to do is start over, which could spell game-over.

But are you backing up your DJ library the optimal way? 

In the video below from Joe Lott, he explains the best way to back up your DJ media.  The premise here is simple, make sure you have multiple backups, in more than one location.   Hard Drive space is cheap, as are the various available cloud storage services such as Google Drive, which is what I use to not only backup all my audio/video files, but any other business related documents.   I can access my tunes anywhere, on-the-fly and on location if need be, in case of potential disaster.

Bottom line, your music and other DJ media is the lifeblood of your operation — and backing up is a precaution not to be ignored.

WATCH: How To Backup Your Music Library | Mobile DJ Tips