DJ Tips | Why Selling Two Vastly Different Packages May Be A Bad Idea (Video)

Selling DJ Packages

Last weeks  “Tuesday Tips with John Young” on DJNTV John explained how selling two DJ packages at vastly different price points can be a bad business move.

“Having two different packages that are so completely different
                                      are really going to cause you a lot of problems” – John Young

An interesting view point from John, indeed. Many mobile DJs offer one, two or more packages to prospective clients.

Having two varied DJ packages can be a good thing; A high/low can assist in selling clients on your DJ services in general with them often jumping on the lower tier package with potential, yet minor up-sells. John points out that how varied they are should be taken into consideration.

As John illustrates in the video below one of the potential issue/s lies in your weekly work-flow and the added time required for a massive top-end DJ package. Switching from say a 1K package one week to a 3K package the following week requires a massive switch of gears and a change in time and effort in how you prepare — consequently pilling on added stress and can also lead to lack of identity for what type of DJ service you are.

It’s better to have DJ packages closer in price and gear, with addition up-sells in your back pocket.

Can You Sell Two Shows or Packages?

Can you sell two vastly different DJ packages at massively different price points?  Share your thoughts below!