DJ Tips | Running A Better DJ Business With A Full Schedule

In the video below John Young of DJNTV discusses how to “Run A Better Business With The DJ Full Schedule Business Model” with Mobile DJ business aficionado Dr. Drax.

Drax points out early in the discussion that in order to become a DJ business that can easily charge 4 figures per gig you have to start off successful.  huh?

Confusing a bit, but it will make sense.  By successful Dr Drax is primarily referring to filling up your DJ schedule. If you’re a DJ only booking 5-10 gigs a year and raise your rate to 2K a gig you likely will not get booked.  Fill your schedule, attack the market, build your clientele and referral bucket and then consider raising your rates to be on par with the upper echelon of Mobile DJs.  When you’re just starting out it isn’t all about getting your rate to be successful.

Drax goes into many other points about how to properly build your business, fill your calender and elevate your DJ game to truly become successful — including how to find new customers and how to convey your value to them without coming across desperate.   For any new DJ or seasoned Mobile jock that wants to build their DJ business the right way this video is a must-watch.

Watch “Run A Better Business With The DJ Full Schedule Business Model”