DJ Tips | Preparation Before Performance #DJNTV (Video)

practicing how to be a DJ

“Spectacular achievement is always
                        preceded by unspectacular preparation.” – Robert H. Schuller

Seems easy, right?

John Young of DiscJockeyNews.com makes a fundamental point in the ‘Tuesday Tips” video below, no matter what your profession — and unequivocally true for the working DJ.

Before anything great happens, there’s always a great amount of preparation to get to that point. Whether you’re practicing mixing and blending tracks on beat with our disc jockey software, digging for the perfect transition tracks, working on your mic skills or other various other techniques your preparation before your next set or event will lead to less stress and time thinking and a better, memorable performance.

If you’re a bedroom DJ just beginning to learn how to DJ, take your time. This isn’t as easy at it looks. Learn, prepare and perform for friends, family or event online – before trying to earn a paycheck.

It’s not good enough to just ‘practice’ if you’re not practicing your DJ skills correctly. If you don’t feel 100% confident in your abilities dig into the many valuable and often free resources online (or even this blog!) to make sure you’re honing your craft correctly.  Perfect practice makes perfect.


Preparation Before Performance | Tuesday Tips For DJs #DJNTV


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