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DJ Tips | How-to Never Forget a Song Request (Video)

When Djing a Mobile Event such as a Wedding it’s common to receive multiple rapid-fire song requests. If you’re forgetful like me (and apparently Joey Santos from DigitalDJTips.com in the video above) you need a quick and reliable method for storing those requests, for both yourself and the requester (as they’ll likely check in with you on their request and where it is in the cue, more than once).

DEX 3 makes quickly storing a song request even easier than Joey demonstrates in the video with another DJ Software product. Simply double-click the track from search results, or from any other list/playlist in DEX 3, and it will instantly be sent to the sidelist – aka your “real-time playlist/request list”. You can then re-arrange songs on the fly via drag-and-drop, or you can send any song in the sidelist (aka request list) to the top of the list by simply double-clicking the track. Here’s a demonstration of how to use the sidelist in DEX 3 (as well as using it for automix/shuffle play – but you can manually select songs and play from the sidelist as well):

As for requests you can’t fill since they’re not already in your library: Using iTunes for on-the-fly purchases and downloads is one method, and what Joey used in his video demonstration, but there will be a better option for DEX 3 users on the way very soon.

SoundCloud support is coming to DEX 3 shortly (and may already be available by the time you’re reading this), providing your with in-app access to a library of 190 million + tracks for only $9.99-a-month. You’ll have all the popular songs, plus user generated content, which means remixes galore at your fingertips so you can really make the event your own.

When accepting song requests your response will almost always be — yeah, I have that, and it’s now in the request list (sidelist).

What do you think about Joey’s method and how it applies to DEX 3? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!