DJ Tips: Dealing With Your Mobile DJ Client

Dealing With Your Client – By guest blogger and 40 year DJ Steven Nicholls 

Whatever event you are being considered to be booked for, initial communication with a client for your mobile DJ services is vital to establish a comfortable relationship with them so that they have trust in your abilities and are looking forward to meeting you in person. Today, email is a vital method and if you can initially phone and chat with your client the vital stuff can be emailed. This way you can re-read emails to ensure you understand their requirements and you have proof of what was agreed.

When first communicating with the potential client about your mobile dj service,  ask them if there is any entertainment booked, the type of act, a contact number for them and what sort of times they will be performing. In an earlier blog (read here) I detailed how do work with an act during an event, and initial contact by phone and email arms you in advance for any possible problem areas — so you will be able to work together to make a successful night without being at odds. Ask where the act is setting up and how much gear they have, sometimes you'll find that they expect to use yours, which is fine (if it is just say, a comedian). Always try to set up in as small a space as possible to the side of, or off, stage so that you don’t visually overshadow the act.

When you have established all this, you can contact your client and this will make them more confident in you as a mobile DJ as you are obviously in control of how the night runs – tell them your plan for the event.

You'll also want to ask the client for a list of song requests and for any significance each song may have, especially if there is a first dance to a specific piece of music. Setup a playlist in your DJ software, like PCDJ DEX 2 (which I use) beforehand.  Having a bit of back story to announce any required dance will make it more personal. If the the clients song list proves extensive, or too specialized, explain that you will play as many as possible; but also explain to them that your experience teaches you to judge the mood and requirements of the guests as a whole, and that you may well use your abilities to construct how the night goes musically to ensure that all have a memorable night.

Finally, and importantly: Ensure that the fee for your Mobile DJ services for the event is agreed and how and when it will be paid in advance.  

Guest Blogger

Steven Nicholls
40 Year Mobile DJ