DJ Tips: Creating A Timeline for Your Mobile DJ Event

DJ Tips in under a minute with Jay Brennan: Create a time line for your events.

Creating a timeline for your mobile DJ event isn’t the same thing as creating a set-list or playlist.  It’s about an organized flow of coordinated dances and whatever else the event may entail.  “Cocktail Hour”, “Group Dance”, “Father Daughter Dance” all apply.

If you DJ weddings, creating a time line like Jay instructs in the video below is something all DJs should strongly consider adding to their pre-gig routine.  Knowing the events time line, at least to the best of your ability (as we know, things can change on-the-fly), will help calm any potential nerves or frustration as you’re already prepared.

As Jay elaborated on his YouTube Channel:

I do this for all my weddings so that I can focus on the important and when things are happening. Even with a coordinator in the mix, I want to make sure that I can respond to what MY clients want for their special day and having it written out in front of me is a big help. It also allows for any changes to be made quickly. – Jay Brennan

The only suggestion I’d have for Jay is to invest in a steady cam, or another set of hands when he shoots his DJ Tips Under A Minute videos…

Watch DJ Tips Under a Minute with Jay Brennan:  Create A Time Line For Your Events