DJ Tips | Advertising Your DJ Business – From DJNTV (Video)

In the DJ Tips video below Mike from the Disc Jockey News Network discusses advertising your Mobile DJ business, how brochures can help your business, vocal warm up exercises and keeping your DJ setup clean

Advertising your DJ Business

Should you advertise your DJ business? If so, what sites will deliver the best bang for the buck?  If only it were that simple…

Every DJ, no matter their skill level or ability to perform a professional event, has a website and Facebook page. Consider these ‘free advertising sites’ (albeit with a hosting fee and time spent updating and maintaining) – every DJ may have a website, but depending on other factors such as SEO, back links and key words, the traffic one DJs website may receive could be significantly different from another.

In the video Mike suggests both free and paid advertising. If you’re a wedding DJ you should consider The Knot, for example, as it’s the nations largest wedding directory/website. You may also want to work with an SEO professional that’s trained on the latest Google search algorithms to optimize your website verbiage to generate the most organic/search engine traffic.

“If you expect to get all your events from free sites (such as Facebook), you will soon learn that that’s NOT going to happen. Word of mouth, on other hand, from your past clients who were thrilled with you work is the best advertisement you can possibly get. Take good care of your clients and they will take care of you in the future.”Mike of DJNTV

Yes, word of mouth still is, by far, paramount to your DJ business success.

Brochures – How can they really help your DJ business?

Brochures provide more real-estate than a business card to define your message and services. Your information is displayed more clearly and professionally.

Mike explains that a simple tri-fold brochure has 6 panels to work with.  “Imagine having 4 panels to describe your services and what makes your company unique”Mike of DJNTV

DJ Business Brochure

Mike suggests using the front panel to make a great first impression. I would suggest using at least one high-resolution image of a previous gig, when possible, that is tailored to your key offering (If you’re a wedding DJ, use wedding themed imagery). If you must, purchase a quality image from a stock photo site but consider replacing it when you can use one from your own events. Your logo should also be front and center.  DJ Logo Do’s and Don’ts

The back panel should be used for all your contact and business information, consider adding your social media accounts, too.

Consider using a service like Vistaprint.com to create your brochures if you’re lacking personally in the graphical skills department – since you have many templates to select from.

“The professional look and first impression for your business can go a long way in selling your service before you even speak with client”, say’s Mike.

Vocal Warm Up Skills

Who wouldn’t want to feel more confident when speaking on a microphone?

Vocal Warmup for DJs

Almost all professionals that require their voice for performance have some form of warm up routine, but rarely do DJs.  While Mike suggests attending a MC workshop at a trade show such as Mobile Beat, he did share a few solid general tips:

  • Deep Breaths should be the start of your vocal warm up
  • Next, grab something to read that’s around 200 words long – and read it BACKWARDS (watch the video for the reason why).
    Read the 200 word article slowly and REALLY pronounce each word by intentionally overemphasizing them. Do this every day, and always before every event.

You will find your voice is more fluid, reading scripts will become easier, you will sound more natural and make less mistakes”Mike of DJNTV


Watch the full video above for additional details and some great advice for keeping your DJ setup clean and presentable.