DJ Tips | Adding “Micro Revenue Streams” To Help You Succeed As A DJ or Producer (VIDEO)

“If you want to make a living out of DJing and making music, well, first off you have to survive. And surviving means you have to pay your bills and keep yourself fit” – Joey Santos of

Trying to make a name for yourself as a DJ and/or music producer can take time, effort, and often – much of your own pocket change. It’s a constant hustle that you need to be prepared for. That’s why it’s a good idea to diversify your portfolio and add additional revenue streams.  As Joey Santos fittingly refers to them in the video above, “Micro Revenue Streams”.

Joey provides a few great DJ tips for bringing in additional income while on the rise to widespread recognition. From running a Go Fund Me type page, a virtual tip jar, and more. If you’re a DJ that wants to excel in this fairly crowded industry you’ll need to survive and excel financially while hustling for your place behind the DJ booth.  Give the video a watch for more information and visit the “Zero To Hero: How To Hustle for DJ/Producer Success” blog post to read more great tips!

PCDJ Tip!  A great way to set yourself apart from the pack and gain a following is to offer something different than the next DJ.  DJs that stand out receive more referrals and interest which equals more money in your pocket.  DEX 3 (pro) provides all the features and tools necessary to mix music and music videos (including multilayered text, image and video overlays you can display to the audience) so you can create an unforgettable set.