What We’re Working On Now At PCDJ HQ

Every now and then we like to share with our DJ software users some insight into our development approach and what we’re designing in the bat cave right now.

Our new version 3 DJ software platform has been available for close to 17 weeks, and as noted before we’ve set the foundation for the next 5-10 years of updates.  The “core” is strong so now we can focus on some fun bits for DEX 3 and RED Mobile 3.   While we will constantly deliver free updates that strengthen the core functionality – and maintenance releases whenever necessary, this post isn’t about that – we’re not here to bore you with nonsensical technical details.

No, this is all about what’s next, and what new and fantastic features we have in store for our DJ software customers in the next couple of free updates.

DJ Software: What We’re Working On Now


  • Icecast Support

    Icecast is a streaming media server — supporting it in DEX 3 and RED Mobile 3 means our customers can create an Internet radio stations using various online services. Icecast is very versatile in that new formats can be added relatively easily and supports open standards for communication and interaction. By supporting this, our DJ software will also stream meta data to the radio platform (such as Radionomy) – keeping in compliance with reporting regulations.  In short, you can be a internet radio DJ with Icecast Support.

  • New BPM Detection & Beat-Mapping

    This feature update to DEX 3 and RED Mobile 3 will provide the most accurate BPM detection we’ve ever introduced. Not only will BPM detection calculate a tracks BPM more accurately, but the new algorithm will account for tempo shifts and genres that the current detection doesn’t work perfectly with. This means that “SYNC” will now only line up the beats for you as it does now, but will also lock songs together — so they never drift. This will allow DJs using PCDJ to focus on other aspects of their mix, with seamless beat mixing handled by the software.

  • Visualizations

    Visualizations of our own design are well underway for DEX 3 – thus while you’re not mixing video files and just playing audio tracks you can run visualizations on screen for beat-synced animated imagery. This is one of the most requested feature updates by DEX 3 customers now and should be available, barring any setbacks, in DEX 3.4 (the next free update). We’ve written our own visualizations to keep in line with our ‘exclusive code’ goals — they are not third party visuals.

  • Slide-Show And Picture Overlays

    In addition to Visualizations, DEX 3 users will have the ability to run picture slide-shows while mixing music or music videos.  Select a directory of images/pictures and they will play on screen (secondary audience display) using smooth transitions between pictures. DJs will also have the ability to run picture overlays over-top playing music videos, allowing DJs to create a completely custom visual presentation.   We can see many useful applications for this, such as advertisements or “drink specials”.