DJ Software Video Tutorials – Using Learn And Changing Font Size In DEX 3

Our totally redesigned DEX 3 “Mix Everything” DJ software is set to drop publicly next week  (download the pre-release here) so right now PCDJ DEX 3 DJ Softwarethe PCDJ team is working hard to bring you new tutorial videos daily.

This blog will be DEX 3 information and tutorial video heavy for the next few weeks as we roll out new demonstrations and features.    Since this first launch of DEX 3 is just the start of things to come, the foundation for lots of “new”, version 3.1 is only weeks away.  Expect updates often, and therefore new tutorial videos regularly.    If you’re like me, I learn better by watching than I do pouring over a complicated and tedious manual.   After receiving lots of great feedback on the DEX 2 tutorial videos it seems, generally speaking, our users agree.   We’ll try to keep our tutorials as short as possible and to the point.

We’ll still attempt to bring you other helpful Digital DJ and karaoke tips during the DEX 3 rollout, and in a few weeks we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled DJ industry related programming.

Here are two new PCDJ DEX 3 tutorial videos:

1)  Using the “Learn” feature, which allows you to easily map your keyboard to any knob, button and slider in DEX 3 — as well as any DJ controller we don’t already have built-in “zero-configure” support for:

2) Changing the font size of your track listings in the DEX 3 browser lists (larger, or smaller): 

Make sure to check back early next week for the official PCDJ DEX 3 announcement!


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