DJ Software Tips: Using Search In DEX 3.2

What good is your massive audio, music video and karaoke library if you can’t find the song/s you’re looking for?

Our DEX 3.2 DJ mixing software was recently released with a myriad of new features and core upgrades.  In addition to 64bit support, DirectX 11 support and video mix recording, the search engine has also been upgraded to support various search string variables for BPM, Year and Key.

In order to ensure your media collection is searchable in DEX 3.2 you must either open the folder that contains the media in DEX 3.2  using the finder (MAC) or File Explorer (Windows) section in the DEX 3 browser (navigation pane on the left, at the bottom), or add your entire collection to the Database (or both, as explained in the video tutorial below).   Any folder that’s accessed one time in DEX 3.2 is searchable from that point forward, as the files are added to the search cache.

What’s new is a change in the way you search for songs BPM’s, Key or Year.   Search Examples:

  • b098 — search all songs with BPM 98
  • k10A — search for key 10A
  • y199 — search for all songs in the 90’s (eg. 1990, 1991 … 1999)
  • Also, you can combine them:
    eg. if you want to search all Dance songs with bpm 128 from the 90’s in key 10A you do:
    Dance b128 y199 k10A

Here’s a video tutorial showcasing the new search options in PCDJ DEX 3.2 DJ software: