DJ Software | Update Is Now Available For DEX 3 RE And DEX 3 LE

Version update for PCDJ DJ Software

Download maintenance release version for DEX 3 RE or DEX 3 LE DJ mixing software

A new update has been posted below for both DEX 3 RE (Red Edition of DEX 3) and DEX 3 LE (Free DJ software version). Version is a maintenance update and free for all existing users.

A ‘maintenance release’ basically means there isn’t new functionality present in the DJ software versions, but rather performance improvements and bug fixes for existing features. In particular, version for both DEX 3 RE and DEX 3 LE DJ programs have been updated to include the latest Pulselocker SDK — improving performance of the DJ-centric music subscription platform in both applications.

One bug that we’ve taken the collective boot to was an random issue that would occur for some subscribers when streaming songs from the Pulselocker platform. Songs would time out or or suggest they were unavailable to stream upon loading to a deck, although DJs could download the tracks for offline playback without issue. The streaming issue is resolved, and users of DEX 3 RE and DEX 3 LE can stream tracks from Pulselocker’s massive 44 million song catalog with up utmost confidence this holiday season.

Version 3.8 is on the way soon with a slew of new features that our users are really going to enjoy. In the meantime we highly suggest you update to version for your respective DJ software version below, especially if you’re a Pulselocker user.

Changes In Version For DEX 3 RE and DEX 3 LE

  • Updated to include the latest Pulselocker SDK (fixes random streaming issue reported by some subscribers)
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements


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