DJ Software | Update 3.5.7 For DEX 3 and RED Mobile 3 Is Available For Download

DEX and RED Mobile 3.5.7 upgrade banner
DEX 3 4-deck video mixing skin

Download update 3.5.7 for DEX 3 and RED Mobile 3 DJ mixing software applications. 

Fresh out of the bat-cave: version 3.5.7 has just been made available for both DEX 3 and RED Mobile 3. Included in 3.5.7 is an updated Pulselocker SDK, providing users an even better experience when using the music subscription in-app. You’ll also notice a broader music selection as the Pulselocker team has been busy ingesting loads of music so rapidly that their servers music be suffering a serious bellyache. Now is a great time test drive Pulselocker integration for 14 days, free of charge.

Two new DJ controller maps are also included with the 3.5.7 installer; the Pioneer DDJ-SB2 and the Reloop RMP-4. Both are now “zero-configure” with our DJ software offerings. More choices for tactile, hands-on control over your PCDJ performance.

Take one of the new 3.5.7 updates for a test spin HERE


DJ Software Version 3.5.7 Changes And Improvements


  • New Pulselocker SDK Implemented
  • Pioneer DDJ-SB2 Map Included
  • Reloop RMP-4 Map Included
  • – New DJ Controller scripting actions: “deckLoopMode”, “reloadMidi” (similar to “reloadSkin” but for controllers development)
    – New DJ Controller scripting notification: global: “loopMode” (0 vinyl mode, 1 slip mode)
  • Other small optimizations



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  1. Matt
    Matt says:

    Hi there yous have one of the best progammes but not the best yet we would love to see more tech still cant put shout outs over the screens or have qrathics playing when audio files playing or just want to change video effects was told last year was coming in this lot .would be nice to say yous are the best
    Kind regards

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