DJ Software Tutorial Video – Using the Sidelist and Automix-Shuffle in PCDJ DEX 3

Our all-encompassing #MIXEVERYTHING DJ program DEX 3 incorporates a brand new browser, and a major highlight (and hotly requested change from DEX 2) is the new Sidelist/Waitlist DEX2logo-firstimageafterlaptopand Automix-Shuffle features.

Automix (or Auto play) is now easier than ever to use, as it works directly from the always-present new sidelist located on the far right side of the revamped DEX 3 browser.   You can quickly and seamlessly send any of your user created playlists, or entire directories of music or music videos to the new sidelist — and just as easily reorder your tracks around within the list however you wish.   Engage Automix (you can shuffle the songs in the list as well) and take a break – DEX 3 will play through the sidelist blending from track to track flawlessly.

Being able to see your search results, or tracks in any opened directory or user list, while also being able to see the sidelist at the same time is probably one of the most requested changes DEX 2 customers wanted to see in DEX 3.   It’s here, and here’s how it works!

Using the Sidelist and Automix-Shuffle in PCDJ DEX 3 DJ Mixing Software