DJ Software Tutorial Video – BPM Beat Sync and Using Sync Start

DEX 3 is our best DJ mixing software for mixing all media types – audio, music videos and karaoke.   One useful feature that’s been present since DEX 2 that makes it super-easy to beat mix (and an often hotly debated one) is BPM Sync.

DEX 3 automatically calculates your Beats Per Minute, and during the same analyze process it builds a Beat-Grid.  The Beat-Grid is displayed in each DEX 3 deck in the form of vertical lines that show the position of the beatgriddown-beat throughout the song or music video.   Based on the BPM/Beat-Grid, DEX 3 can “Sync” or otherwise lock one songs BPM to the another’s, making sure they play on time and on the proper downbeat (on the 1).  “Sync-Start” starts the track beat-matched to the opposite playing deck, a unique feature exclusively in DEX 3.

BPM calculation has been improved greatly in DEX 3 over DEX 2, making sync perform perfectly almost all the time.    However, with some songs drastically changing in tempo (and in the case of live drummers, fluctuating often) you should always check the mix before you go live, or simply cue the mix in your headphones before sending it live to your audience.   Obviously syncing beats is only one facet of mixing music seamlessly, as track selection and knowing where to mix in are what separates the top DJs from the rest.   The point is by using sync you’re free’d up to focus on other aspects of your mix – such as layering in effects, loops, etc.

Video Demonstration of BPM Sync and SYNC Start in PCDJ DEX 3 DJ Software:

Download a Free DJ software demo of PCDJ DEX 3 HERE