DJ Software Tutorial | Loading, Recording And Triggering Samples In DEX 3 (VIDEO)

DEX 3 is equipped with 8 sample deck players that allow DJs to load short audio clips from their hard drive as well as sample the master output in real-time. 

DEX 3 is our top DJ mixing software solution designed for today’s versatile DJ. Mix music, music videos and host karaoke and transition seamlessly between formats, without having to use another DJ program.

In the tutorial video above we demonstrate how to utilize the 8 sample decks included in both the default 4-deck and 2-deck DEX 3 skins. DJs can load short audio clips from their hard drive to the sample decks directly, or sample the master output on-the-fly. Samples can be triggered with zero-latency using a keyboard or mouse (using DEX 3’s LEARN feature you can map the sample deck play buttons to any key on your keyboard you wish) or using pads on support DJ Controllers.

Samples should be used to create new layered sounds while mixing music or videos, for finger drumming (with pads on a DJ controller) and for simple ambiance items such as “Applause” or the all too annoying at times “Siren”.

Advanced DJs can truly get creative using DEX 3’s sample decks, which include Volume, Filter, Sync (to master output), Record and Pitch controls.

If you need sample clips to use with DEX 3 you can grab a free DJ sample pack HERE


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