DJ Software Tutorial | Filter History By Date (Video)

Filter History By Date in DJ software

The ‘History List’ in DEX 3 and DEX 3 RE DJ applications log and showcase every track you’ve ever mixed. Played track history is extremely handy for many DJs.

For example, if you wish to reference your played track list from last years New Years Eve party you can – and then create a permanent playlist/user list from it or simply send it to the side-list to reuse.

filter history by date

Tracks are logged in the History List with date and time stamps, so you can scroll/browse and locate tracks visually. However, if you mix a lot of tunes in our DJ software the History List can quickly become a massive data-set – where browsing to locate a specific date would be a cumbersome task.  This is where ‘Filter History By Date‘ comes in handy.

The ‘Filter History By Date‘ option found in both DEX 3 and DEX 3 RE allows you to filter the History List by selecting a specific date from a pop-up Calendar. Simply click on the date and the History List will filter immediately, only showcasing the songs you loaded and played on that day. From there DJs can quickly create a stored playlist from the filtered history results or send all tracks to the side-list to use right then and there during a mix set.

Watch ‘Filter History By Date’ Video Tutorial


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