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DJ Software Tips: DEX 3 And RED Mobile 3 General Settings For DJ Controllers

With every free update to both of our DJ software offerings, DEX 3 and RED Mobile 3, we introduce support for additional DJ controllers from the best DJ equipment brands in the business.

DEX 3 and RED Mobile 3 now have native “plug-and-play” or “zero-configure” support for over 75 popular DJ controllers, the latest additions being the Terminal Mix 8 and Beatmix 4 from Reloop.   To use any PCDJ supported DJ controllers you simply need to make sure you have the controller properly installed (with the latest drivers and/or firmware from the manufacturer), plugged-in and turned on (some controllers require the right mode, such as the American Audio MXR19 or Pioneer DDJ controllers) when you launch PCDJ.

At this point, most controllers are ready to use with PCDJ – no need to configure the audio outputs either.  (Some do require minimal manual audio configuration however, HERE’S HOW)

However, there are 2 general deck selections under the General Tab in options you’ll want to configure…

DJ Software Tips: DEX 3 General Settings For DJ Controllers


  • Un-check “RESET DECK ON LOAD”:  By disabling this, the EQ, Volume and other deck controls will stay in the position of the subsequent knobs/sliders on your DJ controller.  If you do not un-check this option, every time you load a track the EQ and Volume Sliders will return to neutral in DEX 3 or RED Mobile 3 – and you’d have to move the EQ knobs and faders on the DJ controller to “link back up” to the software.   Not something you’d want to do.
  • Un-check “REMEMBER SONG EQUALIZER SETTINGS”:  This too is much like the above, in that if it’s enabled the software will recall any previous EQ changes you’ve applied to the specific songs you’re loading into a deck.  So it won’t use the position of the hardware knobs/sliders, but rather applies the last known position of the EQ of the track you’ve loaded.   You don’t want that, either.




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  1. George Kane
    George Kane says:

    At the moment I’m using pcdj on trial and I’m very impressed, but
    Would love to have more info on
    How to use it , eg; would love to be able to adjust the monitor screen size and maybe move it etc
    But however will definatly be buying it

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