DJ Software Skins | New TS2 Skin Allows You To Get All Touchy With DEX 3

Press, push, drag and slide with your little digits using this TS2 touch screen skin for our DEX 3 DJ mixing software.

We get calls regularly from venues such as restaurants and bars that are seeking a touch screen DJ mixing software interface that’s easy enough for their staff to manage.   They want to train a bar back to quickly add songs to the automix list and engage shuffle or automix – letting DEX 3 automate their playlists.

Harry Thomas of HMT3 Designs (and seasoned mobile DJ) has taken the reigns once again, designing yet another touch screen skin for DEX 3 with an eye towards usability.  Fat chunky buttons aren’t the only thing touch screen DJs will enjoy – the minimal navigation with everything on one layer will make things easy to manage for the aforementioned “bar back”.    The author also finds a way to include video mixing and video previews without them “getting in the way” or otherwise restricting other basic features the target user will likely get more use out of.

Turn DEX 3 into touch screen mixing software with this fresh new TS2 Touch Screen (And keep checking back as you know Harry will have something new in store for us soon!)

Unzip ALL Skin Files To Documents -> PCDJ-DEX3 -> Skins 

Here’s How To Load and Use Skins With DEX 3